catherine and marcus

meet catherine baba and marcus mam.
originally from australia, catherine is a stylist who frequently refers to herself as “she” and describes 99% of things as “gorgeous” or “major and official.” she belongs in a woody allen film. in the 6 years i have known her i’ve never ever seen her fingernails not painted. nor have i ever seen her in flat shoes. she smokes yves saint laurent cigarettes and has a definite savoire-faire for accessories (think second generation lou lou de la falaise). marcus is a turbo-talented photographer who hails from close to ohio, but has been paris-based for several years. as my mother would say, “they broke the mould when they made him.” there’s something very unique about his spirit, a very kind and super-funny guy. looking at this photo of them together makes me think of the time i first arrived in paris during the late 90’s when i would admire them from afar at parties. both of them played a major role in the rise of jeremy scott’s career in paris back in the day and they were always really animated characters to watch. as you can kind of notice from their pose, nothing has changed.