Monthly Archives: August 2007


zoe from golyester shows us how to wear the hair, the specs and the ensemble. pure class!


meet tatsuya, a vintage clothes buyer for his store in LA named kyoei. i spotted him at the rose bowl markets last sunday and was instantly impressed by his savvy-knack for sporting overalls in a mega-stylish manner.


versatility is an important attribute to have for any young woman today. and nobody knows that better than our little lady joy, pictured here in a classic vintage floral number and again, several weeks ago, in a little black dress. i don’t know her so well, but she works for this sneaker emporium called union, so its my bet that she is surrounded by testosterone and trainers most days. in order to survive that, she would surely have to be the kind of girl who can hold her own in any situation and for that i salute her.

back at you: part four

just your average sunday morning at rosebowl flea markets in pasadena as a young stud who appreciates vintage sneakers, stussy t-shirts and the color lime green poses obligingly…

LA VS PARIS: the laurie twirl

lady of all things clever and witty, laurie pike knows a thing or two about twirling on the streets of LA and paris, respectively. when she’s not decked out in rick owens (she used to work with him back in the day), the los angeles magazine style editor works that pristine LA look of hers about town whilst turning heads incessantly thanks to her mind-boggling resemblance to raven-haired beauties cate blanchett and lucille ball. not even pulitzer prize winners can attract attention like she can. work it girlfriend!


because making friends with a sweet, young romanian girl wearing leopard print AND a turban to a nike party on a friday night is SO LA!!