Monthly Archives: January 2009


i have wanted to meet stella mccartney for such a long time i feel like my ten minutes with her messing around, giggling and taking stupid photos of her blowing bubbles at her store opening in paris today was totally worth the wait. she is a very, very funny girl.

delinlee hearts M.B.W

now you see, this is what i love about paris. i’ve been a fan of LA-based street artist m.b.w (mister brainwash) for a while now and ever since arriving in paris a few days ago his icon series featuring everyone from larry king, britney spears, michael jackson and andy warhol has been one of the coolest aspects to making my way around the city of light on foot. its about a contrast to the greyness i see here and whilst photographing some of his work earlier this morning, i noticed a young man doing the same. so i approached him and lo and behold, it was the artist himself. after a few minutes of chatting, he offered me two posters, made a dedication upon them for me and then drove away. random artist integration: nothing wrong with that folks.