Monthly Archives: February 2009

kime gives good pony love

big-up respect to the lovely kime (pictured) whose retail institution named show pony in los angeles is preparing to close its doors after nine years in the biz. a sign of the times here in yankie-ville? si si. but bigger and better scenarios await lady kime. bravo on all of your efforts and best of luck on every one of your new endeavors my dear.

werner herzog

i was lucky enough to attend a two hour lecture at ucla on friday night with director werner herzog which totally blew my mind. no camera’s were allowed inside the auditorium unfortunately so i wasn’t able to capture the experience through my lens, and let it be said that even note-taking whilst he was speaking was a feat in itself as herzog’s tangent vibrates upon a frequency all of its own. he waxed lyrical on everything from his love for los angeles to klaus kinski, german poetry, opera and his thoughts on hollywood (he revealed several counts of forging the necessary papers in order to continue filming in remote destinations).
one particular comment which springs to mind forty-eight hours following the event related to his thoughts on media manipulation in newspapers/magazines etc, which spurred the following declaration: “today represents a catastrophic time for women.” very interesting stuff.

garden goodness

good luck to scott kennedy this week-end whose documentary titled “the garden” is nominated for an academy award!!! my review was just posted on V this afternoon, check it here

its all about grace!

i’m not saying why and i’m not saying how but last night i was lucky enough to see “the september issue” – the new doco which premiered at sundance on anna wintour and the making of the september issue of american vogue. it was rather entertaining to say the least. the woman known as “nuclear wintour” actually isn’t as hardcore as most would think. she knows her job and she knows what page she’s on (pun intended). surprisingly its a little more candid than i expected actually, complete with diss sessions regarding wintour’s calls on creative edits for the issue in the hallways of conde nast from staffers. the biggest revelation however is that the focus shines not so much on the magazine or wintour per se, but rather grace coddington, the equally icy-vibed, flame haired fashion directrice at vogue who i’ve been observing at the shows in paris for years and have not once seen her crack a smile.