Monthly Archives: July 2010

korine’s latest creative endeavor…

regardless of whether you’re a fan of harmony korine there’s no denying that the director / writer / artist definitely has his own specialized take on differing metiers and the titles given to his kick-ass assortment of accomplishments. take his latest works from the upcoming “3 + 1” exhibit at agnes b’s galerie du jour for instance: pictured here are “scumbag and baby” followed by “scumbag 2”, both of which are destined to be quick-sellers at the show once it opens in paris on september 9th.

delinlee deloves emel!!!

a gigantic shout-out of gratitude to my wonderful pal emel in istanbul who proposed a lovely little profile of me in the latest issue of turkish ELLE. a huge hug direct from L.A especially for you my turkish sister xx