Monthly Archives: September 2010

baldessari’s latest conquest: prada (and giacometti)…

i kinda love this. the prada foundation have just announced their forthcoming exhibition, a show devoted to the artist john baldessari titled “the giacometti variations” comprising 15 feet tall elongated sculptures, all of which will be clothed and outfitted with garments and objects designed by baldessari.

“i’ve always wanted to do tall paintings and sculptures. i suspect it’s because i am quite tall. i’ve had little opportunity since most galleries have wall heights that mirror the wall heights of collector’s homes. giacometti figures are skinny and emaciated, fashion models are extremely tall and thin. why not fuse the two—art and fashion—since that idea is in our zeitgeist? i’m sure i was also inspired by the degas ballerina sculptures clothed with real tutus.”