Monthly Archives: November 2010

a new week, a new subject: rei kawakubo + 032

how better to conclude a week of men on this blog than to kickstart a new one spotlighting one of the greatest women of our time: rei kawakubo. kudos to my beloved german family joerg and sandy, founders of the pristine publication 032, who devised a complete anthology to the famed founder of japanese label comme des garcons in their latest issue. here, a few of my favorite highlights…

– “people have the wrong idea about her, she’s not hard at all – she’s a gentle soul who loves old trees and cats and dogs…and big fat diamonds!” – adrian joffe (aka kawakubo’s hubby).

– “i want to design clothes that have never yet existed.”

– “one cannot fight the battle without freedom. i think the best way to find that battle, which equals the unyielding spirit, is in the realm of creation. thats exactly why freedom and the spirit of defiance is the source of my energy.”

– “the majority is always wrong” – a quote by henrik ibsen imprinted upon fabrics from the CGD men’s fall collection in 2003.