Monthly Archives: November 2012

oh diana!!!

i’ve been talking about this for many, many months and so on the weekend, as melbourne was hit with wildly hot weather (37 degrees and counting), i embraced air conditioning and a screening room for 86 minutes and devoured THIS documentary and a choc-top ice cream. if you appreciate my blog then chances are – i hope – you will be inspired by this wonderful woman and her witty take on publishing, fashion, surfing, romance and so much more.


this morning i have woken a changed woman my friends – seriously. last night i witnessed italian band GOBLIN perform live as part of melbourne music week and let me say, i’ve not been that gobsmacked in a while. famed for their artistic collaboration with cult director dario argento, they developed a niche for themselves internationally during the 1970s redefining the boundaries of progressive rock and blending synthesizers with haunting organ melodies. but you don’t need me to explain the finer points of that — just listen to THIS to see what i mean. never has the phrase “italians do it better” made more sense. GOBLIN FOR EVER!!!

thunder from down under: vault magazine…

first impressions count for a considerable amount these days and admittedly since moving back to australia earlier this year, i’ve experienced difficulty in finding a certain level of funk when it comes to independent publishing. one discovery that i’ve taken a definite shine to however is melbourne-based art and culture magazine VAULT. this year they launched with two issues (the second was just released) and i’m happy to announce i’ll be contributing to the third issue as they currently prepare for its debut in early 2013. watch this space for more…