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being victoire de castellane…


if you’re struggling to come up with a face that matches the name right about now then its high time you googled and familarized yourself with victoire de castellane. i shot this photo of her back in 2008 in paris (the additional pic below is by maciek kobielski) and each time her name makes its way into my stream of awareness i’m reminded what a great french icon she is for many, many women. the latest stroke of brilliance comes via into the gloss, with a matter-of-fact body of text spoken by the madame de paris herself. read it here:


inspired by: beth hoeckel collages…





collage might just be my favorite medium when it comes to exploring art forms and pushing artistic boundaries. so imagine how completely chuffed i was to stumble across the poignant work of baltimore-based artist beth hoeckel. slithering subjects and personalities amongst objects and scenarios, what essentially seems obvious at first then seemingly prompts the mind to wonder ”why didn’t i think of that?’ — well that’s what it does to me, anyhow. i’ve always thought with collage the images find you and then everything just comes together in a stream of consciousness. big-ups dear beth — your foliage print and a bunch of others are going to be adored upon my apartment wall in melbourne. to witness the brilliance go here:



my heart goes out to all americans today trying to make sense of this ridiculous block by the senate preventing gun control…