Monthly Archives: April 2013

sign of the times: tom ford…


telling it like it is, tom ford gives us the 411 on fashion design: “i’m tired of seeing all these very sad clothes where you have to be a breathtaking beauty in order to pull them off.”

because its all about the harmonies dress…

SS13BG (dragged)



perks and mini (P.A.M) will forever be mentioned on this site (and its not just because i live above their design office in melbourne). i’ve long been a fan of the label and the ‘black gold’ spring / summer 13 women’s wear collection doesn’t disappoint. if you think you’ve witnessed this fantastic ‘harmonies’ print before then chances are you probably have. its been making waves upon this site and my instagram for a while now, and check out the image from american vogue above (as snapped by phil oh) documenting the best of australian fashion week. amid a commercialized industry filled with boring silhouettes and so on, its refreshing to with step into the world of P.A.M aka australia’s most innovative design label – and i assure you i do not use that description lightly. go here to witness the brilliance:

introducing kelly lamb ‘ever’ candles…




how clever is this? a candle crafted from 100% natural coconut wax that can be burned right down to the wick, and then the remaining object can be used as a vase / plant holder. l.a-based artist kelly lamb came up with the idea for the ‘ever’ candle design after contemplating dawn in montauk, dusk in los angeles and midnight in paris and has created three signature scents to reflect each of the cities, respectively. for more info go here:

golden collaboration in effect: nars x pierre hardy…


think six nail polish shades and two blushes courtesy of an awe-inspiring collaboration between NARS and pierre hardy. as if summer 2013 was not guaranteed to be going totally troppo in the cosmetic color palette stakes already, now you can co-ordinate your make-up with your choice of footwear and be assured amid the land of fashion you are truly au courant, ma cher!