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farewell L.A & hawaii…


i just landed down under once again and in melbourne its freezing but in L.A the sun continues to shine…and it will do so via this blog for the next few weeks as my jam-packed schedule over the past three weeks in both L.A and maui ensure there’s going to be plenty going on at this web address. watch this space for all of the updates folks. its good to reunited with lucky once more but i’ve gotta say, i miss L.A…(hint hint).

the royal hawaiian…





IMG_1248 IMG_1128




i won’t go into too much detail about why my 24-hour stay at the royal hawiian hotel was such a massive let-down (travel tip: do NOT go near the dust-filled, chlorine-stench of a beauty spa). i will say however that i adored the wallpaper prints and two of the most superb gift shops situated within this iconic old school establishment. if i had more room in my luggage i would be returning to australia with this sublime hand-crafted bedspread (see below) from ‘the hawaiian quilt store’ – it would be perfect to conquer jet lag and i’d sleep underneath it for at least eight hours, i know i would. another must-see boutique is NEWT the ultra-kitsch store that specializes in panama hats and tropical printed apparel manned by two men in their 70s that give good banter…and you know how much i love good banter! all in all the the grounds were great but let’s just say this pink palace has most definitely had its day. as for the beach, waikiki is so heavily saturated with tourists i lasted five minutes on the sand before escaping for a margarita back at the bar. heading out for some snorkeling action now…stay tuned for more from oahu tomorrow folks.