Monthly Archives: November 2008

vendredi video: the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie

i’m headed to miami next week to cover art basel and so in light of such a momentous occasion, whilst listening to erik satie, this evening i’m feeling the love for some extreme je ne sais quoi fever: enter, luis bunuel’s masterpiece “the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie.”


i met annie leibovitz earlier this evening in los angeles. i’m so awe-inspired by this woman i can’t quite seem to find the words to expand on all of her attributes. she’s a total pro, is funny, humble, sincere, sensitive, driven, intelligent and honestly, i felt like i met one of those artists who founded some infamous art movement at the turn of the century or something. she referenced everything from family and digital film to the queen, hunter thompson, cecil beaton, birth, death and even iphones. i mean, seriously, here is a woman making a giant impact on photography. really, really amazing. in the space of 90 minutes she repeated a particular phrase maybe about five or six times and it really stood out for me listening to it: “its an interesting time.” my review of the encounter was just posted on read it here