Monthly Archives: April 2009

my new BFF

this is garance who i am certain needs absolutely positively no introduction. since spotting one another amid a sea of fashion week n’importe quoi over these past days in sydney we have become – ecoutez garance – “great mates.” i adore this woman and in fact, so too does the rest of sydney. we have been doing tandem posts over these past days so here is what she shot of me (linlee “muriel heslop” allen) and garance “delovely” dore. today on her blog she described me as “a ray of sunshine.” for me, garance is the all-time arc en ciel. a funny, fantastic woman. ps. its her birthday tomorrow…ssshhh!!!!

delinlee loved ROMANCE WAS BORN

i’m penning a review of the amazing and ultra-incredible ROMANCE WAS BORN show from RAFW right now so i won’t go into too much detail but here are a few shots to wet your palette whilst you wait for the link…

delinlee does muriel

the ultra-special, super amazing blogger extraordinaire garance dore just posted a shot of me on her lovely site. i trust her wholeheartedly when she says not to pose, just to be myself whilst she is taking photos of me here in sydney at rosemount australian fashion week. the result captures what i think is a totally true depiction of my character, but also, it reminds me of the one and only muriel heslop from the film ‘muriel’s wedding’ – c’mon folks, don’t tell me you don’t spot the similarity? haha!!!