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como travel playlists from four fabulous creatives…


what better to way to immerse oneself in vacation mode than via a holiday playlist compiled by four fabulous women, all of whom are kicking serious career goals of late amid assorted creative fields including costume design, writing, casting and acting. to check my latest contribution to the como travel blog spotlighting annabelle dexter-jones, natalie joos, stephanie lacava and arianne phillips, go here:


inspired by: damien cuypers for david mallett salon…


how fabulous to have received an invite to a “hair happening” at one of the best hair salons in paris earlier this week..sarah from colette is a regular, need i say more? furthermore, kudos to the david mallett salon for accompanying the invite with this here jazzy illustration by artist damien cuypers. here’s what happens when art and hair cross-pollinate; now that’s what i call business savvy! if you don’t know it then you need to.