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‘what is ensoie?’ directed by rafael palacio illingworth…

The new short film ‘What is enSoie?’ debuts today at the following link: Directed by Rafael Palacio Illingworth, its a journey into the mindset of enSoie team members in Zurich and Los Angeles, respectively. Throughout a five-minute hypnosis session we embark upon a psychological voyage in order to explore assorted interpretations of the brand. Complimented by the haunting melody of ‘L’Aviatore Dro’ by Italian futurist composer Francesco Balilla Pratella, the director requested that each of the subjects respond to a series of questions with their eyes closed, in order to further access a deeper level of honesty. The results speak for themselves as a myriad of understandings from the enSoie family are achieved, all via contemplating the question: ‘What is enSoie?’

enSoie is a woman. enSoie is silk. enSoie is a precious flower. enSoie is rose, sandalwood and eucalyptus. enSoie is a rabbit. enSoie is the morning. enSoie is Mozart or the music of the Swiss Alps, or the music of India. enSoie is spring. enSoie is a nice happy dog. enSoie is at the beginning.

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