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haleakala national park sunrise / biking tour…

prior to planning my trip to maui i had heard rave reviews from fellow travelers (i.e: lisa) about this extraordinary bike tour that begins at the peak of haleakala national park at sunrise.  there are a bunch of tour companies that take adventurers up the mountain (departing at 2am and returning by 12 noon), but i tip my hat to maui mountain cruisers, particularly as both of the guides were utmost professionals leading a group of 12 guests (minus the two that left us after a few hours due to nausea / car sickness on the way up the mountain). the schwin bikes weren’t exactly a favourite of mine (nor was the chunky bmx helmet) but hey, who i am to complain at 10,000 feet, especially after witnessing a magical morning sunrise prayer from a hawaiian guru at 5am? after a few hours cruising and admiring the scenery at the bottom of the mountain we met a bunch of four-legged friends (see the post below) and then ended up on paia beach exfoliating our feet in the sand (well, i did anyway). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! #maui4ever #iheartmaui #respecttheland #respectthegods















vote #1: vote lucky…

hi all, lucky and i need your help! in australia we cannot unfortunately travel with our pets in the cabin like we can in europe or across america. pets travel in the same cargo as our luggage :( – its totally inhumane, but that’s the way it is..for now. virgin australia just announced a plan to up the ante on animals traveling across the country however, and that means the introduction of a pet ambassador role PLUS an advertising campaign featuring a few of the cutest pooches and felines down under. THAT MEANS LUCKY!! please everyone, help us gain enough votes to get lucky in the running —  she deserves to be in that spotlight in australia (just like she was in hollywood). every vote counts – go here to vote for lucky:

THANK YOU!! xx linlee and lucky xx