Monthly Archives: September 2007

bleached brows?

i’m totally on the fence when it comes to bleaching your eyebrows. essentially, its different strokes for different folks. what works for some, doesn’t necessarily work for others. whether or not blondies are bleached in these shots below, i cannot say. but what i can say about this, is that for me, once you push aside all of the nicole richie/lindsay lohan clones here in los angeles, this is the quintessential example of a young woman in california and the way she dresses. simple, safe, sun-savvy and always seconds away from laughter.


i can’t decide if i like the shade of her nail polish or her hair style better…


every now and again you come across someone who not only inspires you, they reinforce your belief in terms of what it means to be a success today. for me, doris is the complete package. she’s the founder of a vintage store which i mention regularly on this blog named “the way we wore.” you could call her a walking encyclopedia of style who rises to the challenge of broadening boundaries and pushing envelopes. not content with knowing her stuff and sharing it with the world to see, doris dares to dream. a native of san francisco, today, she calls los angeles home. and isn’t that a blessing for newcomers like myself. respect!


here’s a shot taken last night at the margiela store opening of roman alonso who is one of the founders of greybull press. i first met him in paris about a month prior to moving to los angeles and i can remember him predicting “you’ll love it!” of the move, and sure enough, he was right. i would love to see one of my favorite artists, reas aka todd james, illustrate a personnage of roman. maybe one day…

most wanted: sneaker freaker

this is interesting because i spotted this guy at the rose bowl flea markets last month just after he’d picked up the pair of trainers hanging from his shoulder. i have since shown this picture to a couple of guys, all of whom have suffered from a mild fit of jealousy and envy rolled into one. the trainers just so happen to be super-rare and were once made famous back in the 80’s thanks to andre agassi. ace that one!

sarah aka silver belle

this here is a special shout-out to a very funny friend of mine whose name is sarah, and right now i’m willing to bet you fifty bucks she has around 10,000 emails waiting to be answered as she prepares to embark upon the whirlwind tour of fashion weeks across the globe. stay hydrated sarah – sending you lots of energetic vibes!!!

brown-eyed beauty

is it the headband with the chestnut curls? or the red lips with the big brown eyes and russ meyer-type physique? or could it be the white shoes and logo bag combo? who knows. one thing is sure though: this little lady belongs in a noir 50’s cult film with a veronica lake-like wardrobe.