Monthly Archives: September 2007

loveless employee #1

loveless is a mega-hip shopping destination in tokyo where the sales staff provide just as much intrigue as the products merchandised within the store itself. check out our little friend here, who obligingly said yes for a photo and then sprung this spontaneous model pose at the last second. what a natural!

special edition: 100th posting

umbrella’s are the new canes. well, in tokyo they are anyway…
on this, my 100th posting, i’d like to send a big-up thanks to everyone who has supported this blog since day one (that’s july for anyone who has just logged on for the first time).

white shoes

purple pants, an orange perm, a striped cardigan, white shoes and a gainsbourg-meets-60’s-hippy-trip vibe. only in shibuya on a tuesday afternoon.


today i met cindy crawford who turned up to a stella mccartney party with a python-skin gucci bag and leather high heels. which is fair enough i suppose but fifty bucks says she had the option to be dressed by stella – who is notorious for not using leather or any other such animal materials. so i reserve the right to describe cindy as utterly daft for clasping to a dead snake, fronting like that on animal-friendly turf.

DELINLEE DELOVELY in i-d magazine

a big-up thanks to i-d for including me in a special blog article featured this month (october issue). they feature 10 images (diane, pictured below represents DELINLEE DELOVELY) from the leading fashion blogs on the web, and even accompany it with an article elaborating on background info for 9 of the 10 blogs. the one blog they forgot to write anything about was – yup, you guessed it, mine. real nice.
in other news, i’m heading to tokyo next week for some harajuku freshness so get set for some japanese street style in full effect, starting tuesday.