Monthly Archives: September 2008

delinlee loves WOW…

there is a really interesting new italian website sponsored by sportmax named WAY OF WOMEN which profiles a tonne of interesting females from across the globe (myself included). check out my story here which also includes a very special collage that i recently completed below whilst watching old warren beatty films from the 60’s.

vendredi videos: mr freedom

for anyone who didn’t see the site last friday, i decided to introduce a new segment named vendredi videos (taking its name from the french word for fridays). today’s installment features one of my favorite french actresses, delphine seyrig, whose performance in william klein’s 1969 opus “mr freedom” reigns supreme. a definite must-see. enjoy.

what comes around goes around…

here’s one for the karma chronicles. this time last year i-D magazine featured a story on ten of the top street style blogs on the internet, printing an image from each blog and a brief paragraph of text. they wrote about nine of the blogs and when it came to any description about delinlee delovely, they somehow managed to forget. what’s that? did someone say don’t get mad get even? fast forward twelve months and this month’s issue of i-D features an interview with aussie design duo PAM (misha and shauna, below) written by yours truly. and yes, i even made it to the contributors page. funny about that.

happy weekend friends…

holler! today marks my 700th posting! can you believe that? and to think it all started because i wanted to document the differences in street style between paris and los angeles. crazy times peoples – times passes way, way too fast. in marking the momentous occasion i’d like to kick-off a new segment of delinlee delovely which from now on shall be known as “vendredi videos” (taking its cue from the french word for friday, vendredi).

today’s video was introduced via jennifer brandt taylor (that’s her below the video) whose blog i spotted recently and learnt of her avid appreciation for carmen miranda. carmen keeps it real, y’all! mega merci for the shout out jennifer, back atcha ma belle! happy weekend everyone and enjoy!!!