Monthly Archives: September 2009

new age, new dawn, new zealand…

kia ora folks (that’s hello in NZ-speak) – greetings from new zealand, which is where i’ll be based over the following week hunting out the latest and greatest. i’ve no idea what to expect as its been about nine years since i last stepped foot on this here hearty soil but i will say one thing, i don’t remember the last time i inhaled air as fresh or as clean as this! more about that later. in the meantime i’m loving these tribal pics and can’t wait to learn more about maori tribal culture and how – if at all – in transpires into anything during the countries fashion week. its kinda frida kahlo with a definite injection of warrior-style. stay tuned..

petit mal #3

further proof that creative wunderkinds based down under are breaking graphic design boundaries with a twisted sense of humor incessantly this season. for more from issue #3 of the backstage fashion comic “petit mal” go directly, without stopping for an anxiety attack along the way, HERE

donuts every decade

last night in los angeles i experienced an epiphany at artist kenny scharf’s opening in culver city at the honor fraser gallery. as i made my way past the paintings, shuffling past starstruck fans doing their best to catch a glimpse of actress debi mazar, i came to a table which was covered in – wait for it – donuts! ten, twenty, thirty, maybe even forty donuts! i hadn’t eaten a donut in about a decade but let me tell you, when something tastes as good as this its well worth the ten year wait. donuts, its been sweet. see you again in 2019! haha!!

like nothing else: “carnal knowledge” (1971) by mike nichols

its impossible to be disappointed by any film directed by mike nichols and this 1971 effort re-enforces such a sentiment. candice bergen is brilliant – actually, all four of the main cast members are brilliant. three acts, countless relationship quests, awe-inspiring cinematography, a dazzling dance sequence with art garfunkel and real, knitty-gritty magic that captures the spirit of 70s cinema, the stuff that i live for!