Monthly Archives: October 2011

surprise package: jenny kee magic!!!

jenny kee is a national treasure in australia. as a designer her rise to fame in the 1980s played a major part in an artistic movement that involved fellow luminaries linda jackson, ken done and a handful of others. for anyone who doesn’t know these names please google them to see what i mean – positively inspiring stuff. and so yesterday when a package arrived from jenny you can only imagine how totally chuffed i was to see the signature on the package – the signature and hand-written letter was a veritable gift in itself! and then, lo and behold, i unwrapped a silk scarf with kee’s iconic print. she tells me she’s re-releasing a limited-edition range of scarves with the prints that made her a household name. gotta love that – cross-generational textile education in effect. count me in!

go aussie, go!

we’re here for a good time not a long time, which is why i do what i can to help aussie designers make their mark upon the international fashion scene. check my latest blog post for australian vogue HERE.