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inspired by: 90210 street art aka tin foil people…

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve started noticing sculptures crafted from aluminum foil
randomly appearing around residential streets of Beverly Hills. Having rapidly developed a cult following among the community here, new characters are discovered daily suspended from tree branches or vines in a variety of positions; some swinging with one arm outreached, others clasping to vines or branches with Giacometti-like definition, all of them reaching for something (if not the stars).
“COVID has really amplified a disconnect between us” says 33-year-old artist Oshri Hakak, who randomly disperses ‘foil people’ on foot at various intervals of day and night, listening to meditation music and depositing each figure with whatever mantra springs to mind from his spiritual practice. “I’ve probably made around five hundred of these since mid-March and my hope is that somehow these sculptures can, even in the tiniest of ways, bring people together again.”
Its street art 90210-style with a clear cut message: hope springs eternal.
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