as men’s fashion week approaches in paris – a one-off time of the year when editors miraculously appear relaxed between shows and emaciated looking stick figures walk the streets in dior jeans – everyone on rue st honorĂ© anxiously awaits the superstrutt of iconic figure, marko matysik. if he wasn’t an accessory designer legend, if he wasn’t a spirited beauty reporter for japanese vogue, if he wasn’t such an intriguing conversationalist (be sure to ask him to spill the beans on his meeting with mouna ayoub, the one where he literally sold the shirt off his back), then you could be sure marko would indeed be teaching pre-pubescent femme fatales how to walk the streets the world over with that matysik pizazz.
just moments after taking this photo late last year, i remember observing an elderly french gentleman watch marko sashay off on his way to an appointment at colette and overheard him say how remarkably confident the woman were in paris. go figure!