Monthly Archives: August 2008

honored by a comment: thank you lelia!!!

i’ve never particularly paid a lot of attention to commentary on blogs, nor have i necessarily considered them a reliable reflection of one’s target audience and/or quintessential readership. i will say this however: when i received notification earlier this evening of a comment from “lelia goldoni” (see the “anna” posting below) i had to give my blackberry a double-take. for anyone that knows me can tell you i am HUGE john cassavetes fan, and so with this comes recognition of lelia as she was the star of the early accomplishment of john’s career “shadows.” and for those who have seen “a constant forge” the awe-inspiring cassavetes documentary from the five films box-set, you will know lelia instantly as she reveals assorted constructive commentary throughout the project. and here she is commenting on my blog!!!!! now if that ain’t exemplary of the six degrees of separation in full effect on a supercool sunday evening then i don’t know what is. lelia, this one goes out to you with much respect and admiration!!!


because every now and again i’ll come across a really sweet, interesting young lady on the streets of LA with spunk and a wonderful attitude towards life. earlier this week her name was anna and check her accessory – an oldschool polaroid camera she found on ebay. a big shout-out to you anna dear. keep on truckin’!!!