Monthly Archives: April 2009

next destination: sydney

farewell LA (relax, its just for two weeks) as i’m headed back to the motherland for a week of fashion in sydney (merci IMG / rosemount australian fashion week) and four days of cultural n’importe quoi in melbourne with my mates. fun times ahead my friends, fun times ahead!!

chris cunningham + gucci gone to the dogs with a naff voice over

you’d have to get up pretty early in the morning to catch anything resembling mediocrity from the mind of director chris cunningham. his latest collaboration is with gucci for their new flora fragrance campaign which looks spectacular and haunting rolled into one. but wait, whoever is responsible for casting the crazy, dumb-ass voice at the fifty five second-mark announcing the product should be sacked. all that visual brilliance and then a huge aural let-down. what a waste!

RIP shawn mortensen

special prayers for shawn mortensen today, an incredibly talented and influential photographer who rode the wave of being in the right place at the right time like a true pro. i first discovered his work many years ago when working for colette in paris and took this shot of him in miami during art basel in december last year. although i didn’t know him so well, something tells me he’s the kind of guy who was content with staring death in the face and when it was his time to go, he headed up to heaven with no regrets. respect and peace.

delinlee deloves purple!!!

i’ve become a huge fan of purple diary over the past month for their very cool selection of crazy shots in different parts of the world starring a diverse assortment of characters in assorted settings. monday april 20th is a particularly good shot i think…ahuh!