Monthly Archives: December 2011

christmas wishes to my aussie posse…

wishing you all the brightest of days filled with love, laughter and sunshine galore. this shot was taken last year in a great place named victor harbor, just outside of adelaide where i spent my summers in oz. pure aussie goodness!!

christmas in los angeles..

i love the idea of santa and his reindeer flying through the air as much as anyone but i’ve never really been a big christmas buff, maybe even moreso after living in a place like america where the holiday season takes on a whole new level. different strokes for different folks. that said, this christmas is all about bringing focus and clarity for 2012 so i’m enduring my second-ever juice cleanse, teamed with nightly 1970s movie marathons, three-hour hikes each morning, acupuncture, meditation and a bunch of other activities that are, quite simply, nourishing my soul and enhancing my focus for a kick-ass year ahead that’s sure to bring big changes (hint hint). just sayin’..